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This show is a treasure.  It’s too bad that tumblr spends its time bemoaning the brony phenom and making fun of the fanbase and conveniently forgets that the core material is pretty fantastic and worthy of praise.

I keep noticing awesome themes as I watch this show, and it makes me happy.

People who equate liking my little pony with bronies drive me nuts my little pony is great

this season has been so great, they’ve really been pushing disabled characters this season, too! First Scoots and now Dashie!!!

Mod: you have no idea how much this episode hit me! I was diagnosed with a learning disability when I was little. My heart explode when this scene happened!

Let me tell you guys something I learned very early on during my online career:
Don’t let online fandoms ruin something you enjoy.

Don’t let online fandoms ruin something you enjoy.

Don’t let online fandoms ruin something you enjoy.

(As you can probably guess, I HAVE let fandoms ruin things in the past, only to return to said things and go “you know what? This was really awesome!" So I’ll be damned if I let the Internet ruin MLP for me.)

This is such an important thing to remember since so many people I know are obsessed with proving how horrible the fanbase is. People just tend to forget that Friendship is Magic is a wonderful show and its quality is unparalleled. Do NOT let fandoms ruin the enjoyment you have for something. Embrace it despite what others might tell you!

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